Caterpillar Licensed Products Ireland

Monday 21st November 2022

Caterpillar Licensed Products Ireland:

People speak of brand awareness and none are more recognizable than Caterpillar. 

AEF embarked on the journey with Cat over 12 months ago, where we first secured the exclusive distribution agreement on Cat Site Storage boxes, since then we have worked with other Cat licensees and since then have added the following exclusive professional ranges to our portfolio – Torches, Invertor Welders machines, Work Gloves, Wheelbarrows, Construction Tools, Phone accessories and most recently Cat Professional Power Tools. 

But, like Caterpillar we are not content with that and over the next 12 months will be launching no less than 6 new categories to bolster the depth of the Cat range and help make our retail partners destinations for Cat. We are working through our retail partner channel to get these products to market and enable customers to go local to get them. This is at early stages to date and are always open to talk with potential stockists.

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