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For improved quality and performance, the blades on all RIDGID Snips are forged and heat-treated. Offset and Aviation Snips Ideal for cutting cold-rolled sheet steel that is 18 gauge or lighter. Compound action produces maximal jaw force with the least amount of effort. The threaded jaw bolt on aviation snips enables the blades to be adjusted after extensive use. Snips for Metal Cutting Excellent for cutting plastic, roofing material, sheet metal, wire, leather, fabric, gasket material, rubber, and other materials. Handles made for either the right or left hand.

At AEF, we offer you a wide range of hand tools, including chisels, clamps, rivets, trade tools, construction washer barrows, demolition, drilling tools for masonry, and engineering precision tools. 

If you require further assistance with our Handtools range, please contact sales@aef.ie.

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